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2018-9-2 11:52:22
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I have posted to Ubuntu Core but I assume that is more likely a OPiZ group issue?

https://askubuntu.com/questions/ ... -device-post-update

What I am going to do is reburn the SD card and leave the system running overnight to see if it still fails to allow login after update with virgin install.

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2018-9-2 12:31:47
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Arrrggh!  I just got back to the device after writing the above post.   The device was running before I started writing the post above.  The device is now again unconnected to the network.  

There is no visibility of the Ubuntu Core/Snap updates coming though so it isn't apparent that what is causing the OPiZ to drop its network connection.  

There is a problem with this setup.  The problem is that Core/Snap commandeers the serial port so you can't get in that way to chase down problems.
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2018-9-2 16:17:18
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Bazmundi replied at 2018-9-2 12:31
Arrrggh!  I just got back to the device after writing the above post.   The device was running befor ...

So I set the update to a fixed time interval (1am to 2am in the morning).  Set up the board with only Ubuntu Core running.  I went off to potter at another task.  Came back and OPiZ had dropped off the network.

That is, with a brand new Ubuntu Core image, with nothing else running, no snaps installed (other than the core), no configuration changes, the board will drop off the network.
It doesn't appear to be a dynamic IP re-assignement.  The same fixed IP address keeps reporting on the OPiZ serial console even while the OPiZ cannot be seen on network.  
The admin page of my wifi extended reports the IP address for the OPiZ for a short time. Then it drops off the device list.  There is no other device that comes up in its place (typical of a dynamic IP reassignment).   That is the device list on my router is n long when OPiZ is running and n-1 when it is not.

I had seen this behaviour, not so bad, with other images including Arbian and the official Debian server for OPiZ.  I have suspicions it is in the design of the OPiZ hardware since it occurs over a number of raw linux installs.  That is, with a fresh SD card and minimal config changes the behaviour occurs.   Note that it also occurs when static IP has been set (on both Arbian and official Debian server versions).

I am going to bomb another SD card with a Ubuntu Core image for Raspberry Pi I have to see if the Raspberry Pi does the same thing.
GAG!  Sorry, can't try the Ubuntu Core on RPi 3B+ yet as there is no image for that model.



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2023-11-26 22:18:11
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