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2018-9-6 09:58:52
Edited by Bazmundi at 2018-9-6 16:24

So, The Ubuntu Core for Orange Pi Zero seems to disconnect from network randomly.    In fact, it looks like the CORE auto update comes through and the device never comes back up.

The admin page of my wifi extender shows that the device, which is connected by ethernet, no longer sits on the LAN.

While the serial port keeps reporting an IP for the board but you can no longer telnet to that IP on the LAN.
Manual reboot of board brings it back up again.  It is assigned a new IP.  It will then fall back off the LAN when forced update comes through.
So fresh install of Ubuntu Core onto SD card and connect ubuntu to register.  Do nothing else then devices drops of LAN after autoupdate.

Note, when the admin message comes through, warning of impending update, if you use sudo reboot the system reboots but comes up again fine.   So it's definitely something about the IOT edge widgetry of CORE 16 that isn't quite right yet on the OPiZ.

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