4G-IOT supported Cameras 看全部

I'd like to buy an Orange PI 4G-IOT.
I need to know what Camera models are supported by this product
Specification just say 13M 25pin ZIF Connector but... in the image I see 33 pins!
Moreover I think that standard MIPI-CSI Cameras are 30 pins!!!

So is this board able to have a working camera? If yes, can you tell me ALL supported models?

For example, can I use this camera:
13.2MP MIPI OV13850 Camera Module
https://www.amazon.com/13-2MP-OV ... 13850+Camera+Module

Thank you very much for any kind answer.
  • Sofa tsaul
  • 2019-1-1 02:51:20
Three+ months and no response to this very simple question.  This is disgraceful!
Edited by ayaromenok at 2019-1-2 18:16

it's a 5MP camera, which connected to Dsiplay and not a board itself   - http://www.orangepi.org/orangepibbsen/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=3868
quote: Moreover I think that standard MIPI-CSI Cameras are 30 pins!!!

it is NO standard for MIPI-CSI - only electrical signals(but can be different supported frequency). also camera cable include power lines and control line(I2C usually) - so number of lines all together can be different. Some cameras can be compatible electrically, but not compatible mechanically (like RPI cams - need passive adapter), some can be compatible mechanically and electrically, but require different settings in kernel(like signal lines 0 and 1 switched),  some not compatible electrically and mechanically, but may work via not-trivial adapter(like RPI cam(3.3V) and 30x0.5mm connector(no 3.3V power, but can be gathered from GPIO pin)), and some not compatible at all(DPV and CSI camera - different data transfer, but may use similar connector)

for example, even raspberry-pi use 3 different types:
1) 2CSI lines/15x1mm (RPI 1,2,3) (official RPI cam v1 & V2)
2) 4CSI lines/22x0.5mm (PI Zero & RPI Compute module - I/O board - CSI0) (compatible with #1 by usage only 1&2 lines)
3) 2CSI lines/22x0.5mm(RPI Compute module - I/O board - CSI0) - can be connected to #1 vie passive cable adapter.
  • Floor yexof
  • 2022-2-12 14:31:35
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