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jernej 看全部
2018-9-14 03:16:59
Hi everyone,

long time no see. I've been working hard with many people to bring up Kodi on LibreELEC with mainline kernel. Now that Bootlin wrote initial driver for VPU, I decided to prepare first "preview" images of LibreELEC for H3. Please check here for details. I would prefer if communication continues on LibreELEC forum in Allwinner section, but I will of course also check this forum.

harrym 看全部
2018-9-16 17:03:14
Edited by harrym at 2018-9-17 01:00

Many thanks, but Orange Pi ONE image is missing. I think, Orange Pi ONE boards are most common (far incomparably with other Orange Pi variants), because it is the cheapest of all (cca 10 USD/pcs).
And it's not true that it only has a 256MB ram. Correct is 512 MB. You're messing with Orange Pi Zero probably (256 MB).
jernej 看全部
2018-9-17 01:11:58
I uploaded image for One. I recommend avoiding H264, but MPEG2 and H265 baseline should be ok.
giaur500 看全部
2018-9-20 00:46:29
Avoid H264. This is not possible.
jernej 看全部
2018-9-20 02:22:36


giaur500 replied at 2018-9-19 17:46
Avoid H264. This is not possible.

With update published yesterday it is already much better, but still not the best. Interleaved videos still don't work.

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