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2018-9-28 19:53:28
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Welcome All,

I had become fan of game PUBG (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds) I think you already had played (playing) or heard about this game this is a online battle royale game developed and published by PUBG Corp. for more details you can simply Google it, and the other graphic intensive game which Android OS is offering is really giving same experience as PC games , but If you play this games on android mobile phone the biggest problem is the heating up of the phone and its excessive consumption of  battery which makes gaming experience slightly bitter. This game is also available for PC version also but as we all know power consumption by PC will be more than a single board computer,

So in this project I will be using Orange pi RK3399 board which is equipped with Rockchip rk3399 which is six core 64 bit chipset capable to deliver performance up to 2.0Ghz, with emmc of 16 GB along with ARM Mali-T860 MP4 Quad-Core GPU and 2GB RAM which is really good and I think will serve the purpose very well.

The main purpose for using this board because of its processing power, and purpose for making this project is that android games coming up nowdays are very addictive  no one can resist without giving it try and mobile phones has some short of restrictions on it like gets hot while playing ,receving calls/notifications in between of the game and of course battery limition but with this project anyone can play for a long period of time without worried about the battery and rest other things.

Problem which will come-1.Heating up of the board.
2.RAM managment (as the ram is slightly less)
3.Connecting peripherial with the board and its android os compatibility.

In this project I will try to solve the issue mention above or will arise during this project,meanwhile as this board is new very less information is available so I will be updating my work here and some other necessory information also.I will also work on connecting the bluetooth gamepad with it,powering it up with the help of power bank and more can be done based on your feedbacks. PC version of this game is also available but I want to do this project because I love single board computer and I think you also, thats why you are here so guys I really need your support please vote down below, I am open up for all of your suggestions and feedbacks.  

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svensly 看全部
2018-10-4 01:29:23
Good luck!

first you need is a working and stable Android Image. Then you can optimize it with CPU throttling etc
pavilion 看全部
2018-10-10 19:22:47


svensly replied at 2018-10-4 01:29
Good luck!

first you need is a working and stable Android Image. Then you can optimize it with CPU  ...

Many thanks for wishing me luck, yes I definitely need a stable version of Android image which doesnot bake the pi.
pavilion 看全部
2018-10-10 19:28:36
I  request to all the post viewers, Please vote down in poll and spare a sec and write replies to me please I will be grateful to your efforts this means lots to me.
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2021-5-14 18:39:33
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Your project idea sounds great, I hope your project is a huge success. You can download among us CoiMobile a great entertaining action game.

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