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2018-10-13 21:41:29
Hello everyone,
I am thinking to introduce some of the bright students in my country to new technologoies including Orange Pi who are not already familiar with the things going on in the Tech World, for that reason i talked to some Schools near me and they showed willingness with the idea.

I actually demand to have some sort of graded projects in their course curriculum to open the minds of students and eager to do something and to motivate them to think in a creative way.
Because they are the FUTURE OF TOMMORROW!!

For this, I am going to take lectures and some live training Volunteerly, because i know this is the investment for Better Tommorrow for mankind. for this casuse, i need 2 OPI Plus 2E boards (a very kind request to OPI organization as they always support us). These days, i'm preparing some introductory slides for the students. I hope you will support the cause, and i ask you people to do so, NOT for "MY" or "YOUR" country, but our world our plannet.

I hope your positive vote, as it will benefit all of us.

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amir.khan-amir 看全部
2018-10-14 23:32:00
How nice
MUzair33 看全部
2018-10-15 13:27:54
Thank you!
MUzair33 看全部
2018-10-15 13:30:40
Thank you!
amd.kazmi 看全部
2018-10-15 16:22:40
Hello MUzair33, I also need these lectures i'm new to development boards. is there any way to join you?

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