OpenELEC Images with updated mt7601u driver 看全部

Edited by El_SiD at 2018-11-12 01:15

I've taken jernej's fork and updated mt7601u driver with, now it additionaly supports

360 wifi 148f 760b
Tencent wifi QQ 2a5f 1000
XiaoDu Wifi 2955 0001
XiaoDu Wifi 2955 1001
nuomi wifi 2955 1003
Xiaomi MiniWifi 2717 4106

Sharing prebuilt images with updated mt7601u driver with you:!iG52GQIS!BRbeXyA0jxa5trYp1-MWZg

Also, separate module for thouse, who dont want whole image:!zSgS1aAZ!3pyVc ... Z9jSrhG9DITWIxG-2JQ