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2018-12-15 00:02:42

Mi pseudonym is N3ttX, i'm student from Slovakia and for a few years, i've been heavily interested in SBCs. Trough the years, me and my friend managed to collect few SBCs, do some interesting projects with them and even started designing our own ones! But as everybody, we struggled a bit while searching for best SBC for this and that. Support for some SBCs is just.. non-existing. Also, there are just few or good review channels/magazines, so we decided to start our own.

What we'll bring to you?
Main focus of our channel will be reviewing different SBCs, at least one a month. We'll take a deep look at hardware design, talk about IO, connectivity and what sould've been done better. Also our Linux guy will talk about different OS support, how it runs, what packages it support, where it struggles and sutff. And, as a bonus, we'll do a simple project of a month with that SBC with (obviously) open-source code and designs, so you can try them and improve. Next, we want you to bring news report from SBC world - new hardware, software, releases and technologies.

And, as i mentioned, we're planning to start our own company producing SBCs, so that could and i hope also will be a thing.

Guides, Tutorials, Reviews..

I talked about reviews. Those are nice if you are deciding to buy SBC and you don't know which. But when you finally decided, and bought one, you may struggle with some stuff - like which distro to choose, why isn't this or that supported by that OS, how to do stuff.. Well we also want to bring you different guides, from most basic stuff like "How to install OS on SBC" to "Running Face Recognition AI on SBC". For this, we obviously need those computers so we can work on those guides - whether they'll be video, or just blog posts on our web.

Why we need your support?
As i mentioned, we are just students. That means a lot of school and work, and we don't really have that much money to spent. We won't be able to do anything of this, unless we have all necessary things. That means camera, proper software, and of course - SBCs. These things can cost a lot of money, which we obviously don't have. Our main focus is quality of videos and articles, so we cannot cut our budget on cameras, lighting and stuff related. That's where YOU came to help. By voting "YES" on this poll, you could help us get a few boards from Orange Pi (which are actually our #1 favourite manufacturer!) which we can use to start our channel.

Why Orange Pi?
Of course we won't be focusing just on OPi. BUT, i guess you are on this forum because you like products they are producing. We also like them, and they have really great performance to price ratio. But as you probably know, their support and services aren't that good as they deserve. That's why we want to start with OPi - to make things better. To show people, that (with a little bit of effort) you can get awesome performance with no problems for really cheap. That means, we would answer most asked questions, look at biggest problems and hopefully solve them and give you better insight of what's going on. Basically, make Orange Pi great again.

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2020-4-14 15:19:16


N3ttX via http://customwritingcompany.com/ replied at 2018-12-15 00:02
I'm a student and I study in Slovakia ...

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Hello, I'd gladly subscribe. What is the progress with your channel? Do you have a tutorial on Orange Pi 3 SBC (powered by Allwinner H6 processor)? I'm looking for educational videos and guides (similar to MickMake and ExplainingComputers on YouTube) for my students (who are surrently having online classes each week).
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2021-1-5 10:01:16
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Hello. I enjoyed your youtube channel. How long have you been developing this channel? I have a klingeltöne channel too.
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2022-4-22 22:37:49
This channel has lots of information all the contents made me very comfortable in my field thanks for providing this to your genuine fans Happy Birthday Brother
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2022-5-21 21:43:36
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