Problem in rebooting orangepi 2G IoT 看全部

Is there anyone here to help me?

I am working on OrangePi 2G-IOT, which is not rebooting.
It stuck at below mention line:
[  OK  ] Started Network Manager Wait Online.
[  OK  ] Started Authenticate and Authorize Users to Run Privileged Tasks.
[  OK  ] Started Set console font and keymap.
[  OK  ] Created slice system-getty.slice.

How can I fix it?
  • Sofa Kavosh
  • 2018-12-16 17:45:24
I'm waiting for anybody who help me!!
  • Bench Kavosh
  • 2018-12-16 20:00:40
I'm waiting!
hello!!! @Kavosh did u have any luck ??? or find a solution besides removing the alsa-utils ?