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2022-7-20 18:22:46
The best bathroom cleaning tips?
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2022-7-20 18:23:34
What is the secret to a consistently clean bathroom? Maintenance. I told you it's not magic. But spending about 3 minutes every day maintaining an already clean bathroom is much easier and more enjoyable with a bathtub steam cleaner than spending a whole day or weekend cleaning the bathroom. Plus, the bathroom is always in great condition in case you have an unexpected guest coming over! That's my top tip. "
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2022-8-31 02:52:38
Ohh, as I know, ducts bend fairly easily when you handle them, which you'll want to avoid. When you reattach the duct to the dryer, make sure there are no sharp turns or bends in the tube, which will create crevices for lint to accumulate and may lead to breaks.
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2022-8-31 14:55:04
Oh, I understand you. I hate cleaning in general. I always got upset when I needed to clean the ventilation. Then I started chatting with a guy, and he advised me to order services for Dryer Vent Cleaning Milwaukee on this site. They cleaned everything quickly and I paid inexpensively. Now I don't care about cleaning the ventilation, because it's easier for me to order their services than to clean myself.
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2022-9-3 22:27:31
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