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horrormike 看全部
2015-8-18 13:30:44
Hi all I am totally new to the tiny computer side of things with no programming experience and no experience with Linux but am very interested in learning everything I can   I have built a few desktop computers and fix laptops as well but I feel it's time to learn more of the software end of things    Unfortunately will have to be doing my learning at work as I work 80 plus hours a week
doubleatheman 看全部
2015-8-19 11:22:58
Welcome here, this set of sbc is in my opinion a good learning platform for learning linux software.

I am much like you in a sense, I have built all my desktops for the last decade, but never bothered to learn any server admin/ linux stuff.
magicse 看全部
2015-8-19 04:09:20

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