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sheminasalam 看全部
2019-1-13 08:56:38
I have a orange Pi PC 2. I require advices for two things about this device.

1. Which is the tested and recomendable wifi dongle for OP PC 2?
2. How can I install Hass.io (not home assistant) in OP PC 2? i have seen that home assistant website has a hass.io image for OP prime, will this work with OP PC 2 too or is there any other reliable way?
sheminasalam 看全部
2019-1-26 10:16:21
In case of Orage pi pc 2 with h5 CPU, the imagee of hasio for orange pi prime works fine, i believe it will work for all h5 cpus. havent tested this on h3 cpus.
igorpec 看全部
2019-1-28 03:25:11


sheminasalam replied at 2019-1-26 03:16
In case of Orage pi pc 2 with h5 CPU, the imagee of hasio for orange pi prime works fine, i believe  ...

Each board needs special configuration. H3 chip is very different.
zaiyamariya 看全部
2023-1-27 13:48:40
Thanks for raising this important issue. When it comes to the wifi dongle for the Orange Pi PC 2, you might want to consider the two models that are recommended by the manufacturer and have been tested for compatibility. The two models are the Realtek RTL8188EU and the Realtek RTL8192EU. As for installing Hass.io (not home assistant) on the Orange Pi PC 2, the Home best online engagement rings store Assistant website does have an image for the Orange Pi Prime and this should work on the Orange Pi PC 2 as well.
Diacabb 看全部
2023-10-23 20:03:59
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