How to install ubuntu / debian on Orange Pi 3 eMMC? 看全部

I can boot the "official" debian off the SD Card but can't work out how to install it to eMMC.


  • Sofa monty
  • 2019-2-15 01:08:10
I am also unable to boot off the eMMC. Without an SD card it boots to Android in Chinese or a similar language.

Also, I had issues booting the non-desktop versions of Debian and Ubuntu (may be the same behavior in the desktop environment too but hidden).

Looking forward to seeing these little issues resolved.

attachment: 您需要登录才可以下载或查看附件。没有账号?Register apparently from the manual
  • Floor deanna
  • 2019-2-22 02:18:49
quote: jamespo replied at 2019-2-19 17:16 apparently from the manual

I´ve the same problem with my RK3399. No idea how I could install any image on emmc card.
Where can I find the That is not mentioned in manual for the RK3399 I guess.
Help is appreciated. Thanks!
quote: any image on emmc card.

As written in the docs: