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2015-8-29 22:03:23
We will be starting a Mass awarness/promotion campaign for orange Pi in our local regional schools and colleges/institutions , as now OP PC is available which is low cost solution for poor/needy students who can not afford expensive computing solution ... so our target will be to provide hands on experience to those students on OP platform and later provide them OP at much reasonable pricing to them .We already have much experience in commercial imports so we will use our expertise in that and facilitate availabilty of OP to poor students at just the reasonable pricing (for same we need assitance from OP organisation also to be able to deliver OP to students ).

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2015-10-3 04:19:54
Edited by geev03 at 2015-10-3 04:24

Moodle (http://moodle.org) on Orange Pi-PC ( http://www.orangepi.org/downloadresources/ ) can be useful to  educational groups , at any level, trying to explore the advantages of that Learning Management System.After getting my Orange Pi-Pc through the post yesterday, got the latest Moodle instance working on that . Please see the attached file for the sever details.
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2016-5-23 18:31:52
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Moodle 3.1 is now released and it runs smoothly on Orange Pi-PC.  The details of the OS, uptime etc are available here. Orange PI-PC has thus opened up affordable 'Virtual Learning Environment' to even more learners  .

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2016-6-8 09:54:22
good share
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2016-9-10 17:52:25


we’re here to empower teachers to do what they want to teach, to pass on that knowledge and improve humanity.
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The latestt Moodle can be explored on Orange Pi-PC
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