Orangepipcplus /dev/ video0 does not appear on Armbian 5.75 看全部

I try to use gc2035 orangepi camera device. However , video0 device doesnt appear on /dev/ folder. I have tried many solution methods. I have tried using modprobe as they suggested on their forums, but I couldn't get the result. Many forums say that after armbian5.25 version, there is such a problem.According to my research, after the armbian5.25 version, they removed support for the gc2035 driver and I can't find the armbian5.25 version anywhere. Is there anyone who can encounter such a problem and reach a solution ? I would like to thank everyone who has spent time for this.
  • Sofa Werner
  • 2019-3-31 15:10:36
Maybe you want to ask here:
i try to use
OPI 5MP Camera OV5640 Auto zoom with wide-angle lens for Orange Pi PC /Pi One/PC Plus/Plus2e
However , video0 device doesnt appear on /dev/ folder.
what can i do ?
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Camera OV5640 for orangepi PC
i baught it aliexpress
seller says me it is only working on android image