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vedranius 看全部
2019-3-28 19:20:47
Hi all!

I've got Orange Pi 3 2GB and I've downloaded Orange Pi's official images from their site.
While I can get them up and running, I have these problems that are really major:
1. Orange Pi 3 works on some monitors, and on one that works I get an weird image, wrong colors etc.
2. There's no way to update OS or install new applications/packages via "apt-get", I get 404 error, that it can't access some weird CN (Chinese?) repository...
3. On boot it says that I can't use Bluetooth hardware... huh?
4. Apps that are installed sometime I can run, sometime it won't start at all!

Right now I'm not sure what to do with it, spent money on useless board as none of the images work.
I've tried Ubuntu and Debian and I have same problems!

And yes, I've installed several similar boards which works great for me for months... Raspberry Pi 1, 3, 3B+, 0 and Pine 64 too. So I have some knowledge in that...



Werner 看全部
2019-3-31 15:16:58
The software support provided from Xulong unfortunately is not very good.
You can give Armbian a shot which is built around mainline kernel. Though the support for any H6 board is still being written.

These are development builds, bugs are to be expected.
greg798 看全部
2019-4-8 03:36:31
Edited by greg798 at 2019-4-11 17:00


Werner replied at 2019-3-31 15:16
The software support provided from Xulong unfortunately is not very good.
You can give Armbian a sho ...

Yes Armbian rule!
Tell them fixed reboot - poweroff.

Somebody support help how to decrypt your script pack to compile dtb?
And where is the normal tutoral build fresh kernel, lib, modules, dtb, linux for orangepi 3? (not your compile very old kernel and system encrypted script user manual ver 1.0 pdf)
Support do you understand?
glaubert 看全部
2019-6-5 03:03:39
i have same problem... i have OPI3 without eMMC, the oficial images has many problems
nairn62 看全部
2019-6-27 20:51:17
Edited by nairn62 at 2019-6-27 20:52

I'm successfully using Ambian Linux 5.1 image on my Orange Pi 3. It's running a 4Tb music server, a tor server with a VPN. I even compiled the new GCC 9.1.0 compiler source on it and it works well and it's very fast. I even use Xwindows to access the desktop. What a great board.

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