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2019-4-7 00:31:33
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I thought i make a nice little mini pc for fun, i decided to buy an OrangePi win plus. I have managed to intall debian without any problems, resized the partition, made upgrades, etc. Overall it worked out for me. But recently i got the idea of using a gpio screen, and make it as a mini gaming device for my nephew. I plugged in the screen, but it's white, nothing shows on it. HDMI still works. This is where the problems started, because i didn't really found any tutorials, what i can understand, so i don't know how to configure it. I have heard, that this kind of screen does not work with anything other than the raspberry pis. I hope they are wrong. Installing a new os is not a problem, if it will work.  
anyway, this is the screen i have:
3.5inch RPi display: 480x320 res with touch support

If you know how to make it woking, then please help me!


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