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I'm trying to download a Linux image for the OragePi, but can't figure out how I can download it.

I found ... 083229059f6c8c.html
with two links but I can't use either one of them.
For the Baidu link one:
I can't read the language this page is written in to download the Linux image, clicking around I coundn't find anything to download other than a *.exe, and I'm not on Windows.
For the google link one:
google is blocked from my network so I can't get it from there.

How can I download the image? Is there somewhere else I can get it from?

Is this the most updated image for the Orange Pi Plus?


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  • 2019-4-29 02:22:39
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A few years younger images will be here: Fast direct download and ultrafast torrent download. We also have a fast mirror in China:
Thanks! @igorpec
Those links should be given on the Orange Pi website as well.