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bkpiaskun 看全部
2019-5-19 22:59:31
Hello, i've bought an OPI 3g-iot board some time ago, and i would want to make some things with linux, i was checking the forum and i didnt spotted the issue i have with it, th board is working, but:
1. cannot boot anything from SD card, was trying to make an linux sd image and nothing helps, changed sd cards to many others, still nothing is helping
2. cannot flash linux to emmc, smart phone flash tool provided is showing flashing DA 100% and it stays there forever, also i need to use very short cable to manage it to flash this DA thing
I havent tried android because i want specifically linux, the serial connected to the back of the board to tx/rx pins on 961200 is showing stuff but cant really saw what does it mean.

Serial output is other when connecting to PC and when connecting to regular charger

im including screenshot of the serial when connected to the PC

im including screenshot of the serial when connected to the charger

TBH i have no idea why it is happening, maybe the flashtool is trying to make its job
I'm looking forward to hear maybe some advices or help

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chenshiyan 看全部
2019-5-22 23:21:50
you should use it to download linux code.
compile a linux image and install to emmc.

Narly9999 看全部
2021-10-4 00:35:21
eleborate on the SD card creation of OS linux.

  At times, the process is flawed. Seek other means of crating OS linux to SD card.  

Try Armbian OS for linux. It has worked very well for me in the past. www.armbian.com downloads.
KianRemington 看全部
2022-8-5 23:17:59
I have no idea whatsoever about OPI3g-iot as this is the first time I am reading about it. You can ask about your problem on https://www.fingerlakes1.com/202 ... r-college-students/. Someone there must know a solution to it
KianRemington 看全部
2022-8-30 20:49:04
I don't rent pocket wifi. Instead, I use my iPad Mini as a hotspot when I travel abroad. It costs me nothing to do this because T-Mobile doesn't charge me for international roaming on my plan portable wifi rental. That's a much better solution from my perspective.
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