Orange Pi Zero Plus H5 sold out? 看全部

  • 6# Hexit
  • 2020-4-16 09:18:09
I messaged the Aliexpress seller I have purchased my 5 OPZP's from in the past and it seems, sadly, there will be no more.  Sad news as these had become my go to for most small network devices from NAS to webservers.

Shenzhen Xunlong Software CO.,Limited
"Sorry, the zero plus discontinued, it will not be in stock. Maybe you can find another similar. Or you give us your need, we suggest you the other board."
Try NanoPi Neo Series, Ive just ordered NeoPlus2 while for your use you can try neo2 black.

All the best.
I also need Orange Pi Zero H2+ for various projects; I had bought 20 units in advance in 2018, but I am now out of stock; I Want to buy an other 10 ... they used to be between 7 and 9€; I have seen some on Amazon at 50-80€ / u ...

oPi0+ is very expensive, and, some variants available below 20€ lack ethernet (ie: today, i am setting up a Wifi Bridge: i am using two opi0 LTS for linking ethernet to ethernet over wifi, a typical oPi0 job ...).
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