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2019-5-25 03:50:19
Aliexpress tells me that the Orange Pi Zero Plus  H5 is sold out. When will it be back in stock?
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2019-5-30 14:10:56
Werner 看全部
2019-6-1 23:03:24
Can we get an official answer please? @admin
duane 看全部
2020-2-27 09:29:06


Werner replied at 2019-6-1 23:03
Can we get an official answer please? @admin

AliExpress: "Sorry, this item is no longer available!" (2020/02/26)
Has Shenzhen Xunlong stopped producing this item?
Is this a long term issue due to COVID-19?
Is this just a short-term (a few days) shortage?
I'd like to see the marketing people post in these forums or in the web site's news link when items are out of stock and the expected length of time they will be unavailable.

Oleksandr 看全部
2020-3-5 00:35:17
I would also like to know why there are no new ones, I planned to buy, I really like line Zero

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