[Solved] How to complete 1st run without creating a new user? 看全部

Edited by BryanFRitt at 2019-5-28 01:33

How to complete 1st run without creating a new user?

On 1st boot with the image it ask me to change password the propts me add a new user or press ctrl+c to cancel, so I pressed ctrl+c. I don't think it completed the 1st boot script, and now it prompts me every reboot to reboot.

"Warning: a reboot is needed to finish resizing the filesystem
Please reboot the system as soon as possible"

How can I resize the filesystem/get rid of this mesage, without adding a new user or recreating the image?

Edit/An Answer: Taking out the microSD card resizing on it on my computer with gparted got rid of the warning and resized it.
But was there anything else in the 1st boot that needed to be completed that didn't complete?


I don't think it should force resizing, or erasing everything else on the card, on people. It may be what I'm wanting to do now, but some would majorly hate it when all their data on the card disapears.

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