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Hey everyone.
Orange Pi community  is awesome and the SBC phenomenon is here to stay.
It really takes open-source and put control, convenience, choice and customization where it belongs: in the hands of the consumers.

I am thinking that maybe we could a project where we actually make an Orange Pi wall-paper type Smart TV system!
It would be customizable and expandable for a fraction of the cost of some other big name, big box offerings.

I am very passionate  about this product idea and want to undertake it.

What do you think?

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My students used the SteemPi TV-Box software to do a similar project - Orange Pi based Smart TV for a classroom. I can send you the link to the Google Drive where we keep all the materials and instructions. Only in reading mode. If you want to edit/add something, please contact me directly.
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An Orange Pi-based Smart TV is a DIY project that utilizes the Orange Pi single-board computer to create a smart TV system. It allows  best cocktail  users to stream content, browse the internet, and install apps through the Orange Pi's capabilities. With various hardware options and open-source software, it offers a cost-effective and customizable solution for Smart TV enthusiasts.