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It is about creating a model of measures similar to OrangePi zero Plus, which contains only:

H6 processor
1GB Ram
debug serial port
1 USB3 port
1 OTG USB3 port
1 power port 5V
2 lines of expansion pins where it passes in USB bus and / or ethernet 1Gb.

In this way you can make a stack of "orangepi cluster boards" one over the other and are already communicating each other via usb or ethernet, without having to use an ethernet switch, or a usb hub, and without data cables.
Just put the power cable to 5V and connect usb3 output a USB-ethernet adapter to communicate with the rest of the network.
It could even eliminate the 5V cables and pass it through another separate bus.

This system would become the must-have for anyone who wants to create a cluster at home.
But the most important thing is that it can be very cheap.
It does not need hdmi output, it does not need many usb3 ports, nor wifi, nor input to the camera, only brute force of H6 cpu and only a minimum set of communication peripherals.

  • Sofa Vaclav
  • 2019-9-4 00:15:02
Orange PI 3 and other boards on the new H6 are already a new model. Ubuntu server - does not start due to an error in the configuration of the power controller, the debian server does not start for unclear reasons. In the ubuntu desktop, the locale is not configured (for any localization). SSH down from autostart if made reboot from ssh...

The best new model for an orange will be to bring the software to existing models.
Not fully finished, but it surely boots:
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