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Mirko 看全部
2019-8-30 19:15:07
Hi everybody.

I'm having problems with the OrangePi3. I'm able to boot the provided images when connected via HDMI to my TV. But when I try to connect a 7" display with a resolution of 1024x600, I cannot get it to work. One of the problems I'm having, when I cat modes file, it only says 1920x1080p. I've tried too many things in uEnv.txt but without luck; seems that the driver only supports 1080p? I've also booted with my TV connected and tried to change monitor resolution with the GUI. It only shows 1920x1080 available.
I've also tried Armbian. With Armbian I'm able to change the resolution to 1024x600 changing armbianEnv.txt file, but after the start of the boot phase, it always hangs up or panics.

So, is there an easy way to change Ubuntu Desktop resolution to 1024x600?

Thanks in advance.
memozi12 看全部
2023-7-29 17:07:05
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