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ReidimOne 看全部
2019-10-3 18:43:15
when i suspend my 2G IOT (with Ubuntu 16.04.1) by


  1. sudo systemctl suspend
it always wakes up automaticly after few seconds.

I have tried to pull-down the signal from button by resistor with no effect.
So i thing that there is some software interupt.

Do you know what wakes up the orangepi from suspend?

Thanks, Radim
ReidimOne 看全部
2019-10-4 00:03:01
In file "/sys/kernel/debug/wakeup_sources" i have found some counters are incremented when it wake up.
Wake up by button: mmc1_detect, mmc0_detect and rda-keypad are incremented
Wake up spontaneously: mmc1_detect, mmc0_detect and battery are incremented

So it looks some battery flag wake it up. Any hint how to repare it?
I have no battery connected - only power by USB.
I have tried to pull-down and pull-up the third battery pad but with no effect.

lunamiluna 看全部
2021-6-23 06:15:06
So it looks some battery flag wake it up. Any hint how to repare it?
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