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kusong 看全部
2022-9-1 12:05:52
I use LTS4.

I want to use ov2735 CSI camera to OPi-LTS.
But OPi-LTS support few camera.

I found ov2735.c files in Linux 4 repository and ov2735 is not included in Linux compile option (watch config files)

- I like to try compil linux kernel with updating config : Is there anyone who knows kernel compile?
- Or I want to know how to make camera driver.

please, give me a any kind of information about it...
kanehad12 看全部
2023-8-17 17:31:56
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addington.wylan 看全部
2024-1-17 20:47:26
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adolphus 看全部
2024-1-22 20:58:02
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arnel123 看全部
2024-2-6 20:11:24
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