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2022-9-7 07:59:53
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Hello everybody.

Recently I got a Orange pi Zero 2 and I am trying to configure it as a bluetooth speaker using its HFP (it looks available by default) and I got a simple USB microphone in order to cover the lack of a built it mic. At this point I have my OPI Zero2 with microphone and synchronized to my phone but still I cant make it work. I've been trying with Armbian (by the way it fails to install any GUI) and with debian image but it still cannot get the sound from microphone and sometimes is not easy make it work with earphones, just HDMI sound output.

I've been using the GUI configuration tool from debian image but i guess I'm missing something and maybe it must be configured on SSH.

I will thank any help or clue about this issue.

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2022-9-28 02:06:45
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2022-9-28 06:50:39


Narly9999Published in 2022-9-18 09:54
I've enjoyed ARMBIAN.

  If you look around the ARMBIAN Manual, you will see they have ARMBIAN confi ...

Thanks for your answer.
Yes, you are right. At this moment Armbian is not an easy option for GUI. Im trying with Debian and Fedora but anyway mic's hat is not supported and that "bridge" between sound card and bluetooth has been not possible yet.
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2022-9-28 06:54:25
Looking on logs I found this (snap attached) records about pulse audio, but I affraid I'm not getting what is going on.
Is it some configuration I am missing?

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2023-5-11 13:40:19
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