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2020-3-26 22:47:26
Hi. I'm a total NOOB with orange pi and raspberry pi. I have never owned or used one, but I'd like to get started. I am trying to build a NAS(Network Attached Storage) to back up a few computers. I was planning on using the orange pi zero NAS Expansion Board, which has 1 SATA and 1 MSATA port. I would like to use at least 2 if not 3 or more SATA drives that I have lying around. Is there any way to do this with the Orange Pi? I think I saw somewhere that I cant use a SATA port multiplier like this
is that true? I was also thinking of using an MSATA to SATA adapter like this
so that I can use both the SATA and MSATA connectors, but that still only gives me 2 SATA connectors. The SATA and MSATA connectors on the expansion board are both connected through USB and they disable the onboard USB ports. Would it be better to just use a USB to SATA adaptor instead of the expansion board? Would one with multiple SATA ports work? What would be the best solution?  Also, what would be the best OS for this? Thanks!

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2023-1-30 13:25:04
The Orange Pi NAS Expansion Board is a great tool for creating a powerful storage solution that can house multiple HDDs. With this board, users can easily build a robust and reliable network attached storage system for their needs. The board is easy to install and set up, allowing users to take advantage of the high performance of multiple   engagement rings HDDs without any difficulty. This is definitely a great choice for anyone looking to create a reliable and efficient NAS system.

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