I Need Instructions - How to set up Orange PI as a PLEX NAS server 看全部

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Hello All,

I am having trouble finding clear and proper direction for setting up my Orange Pi as Plex NAS. I had done it before with a Raspberry PI but it was just too under powered and I used a pre-programmed OS that I flashed to the Micro SD. Problem was that it was not being updated and once out of date it would not interact with PLEX after they rolled out too many updates surpassing the progam.. I have an Orange PI with the Quad Core and WiFi. Have a 3TB External and Micro SD with plenty of storage for an OS.

I just need guidance as I am pretty much a Noob, (Especially with Orange PI), in the scheme of things.

Areas needing assistance. LOL.... ALL OF IT

What OS should I use?

Programming and what to program.

Getting it fired up with PLEX as the server so I can use it with my PLEX apps to watch on my Televisions.

I was also wondering and think there is a way, to set it up to view remotely from another location while the server is running at my house.

THank you all for a detailed guide and assistance.
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