How can i disable а boot from sd card after moving Armbian to EMMC? 看全部

Hi friends, need for your advice and experience.

How can i disable а boot from sd card after moving Armbian(latest vesion) to EMMC? My board is Orange Pi Plus 2e.

I would like to use sd card in Armbian, but a boot terminated each time when a card is inserted. Any advice or a link?


  • Sofa Alijan
  • 2023-12-13 19:22:25
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Can you please elaborate how we can install using Armbian on SD card? I tried booting from SD while having the android img file on a usb stick.  car games
Moving Armbian to EMMC, a process essential for enhancing system performance, involves transferring the operating system from an SD card to the embedded multimedia card. This migration optimizes speed and reliability, offering a smoother user experience. To achieve this, meticulous steps are required, akin to disassembling a bed for moving - precision is key. Detailed instructions can be found at guiding users through the seamless transition of Armbian to EMMC for an improved computing environment.
  • 5# Alijan
  • 2024-4-18 04:06:59
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