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spikerguy 看全部
2020-4-15 00:20:51
I would like to purchase R1 and try out the Zeroshell port for R1 but I cannot find a suitable case for this device.

If Orange Pi designed a case for it then please send me the link for purchase.
Also if anyone have tested Zeroshell for Orange Pi R1 which was released in 2017 then please share your feedback. I might do a tutorial for the same and Document it along with trying to add support to it if possible.


spikerguy 看全部
2020-4-16 07:36:06
Anyone?  Is there any official Orangepi support to answer?
spikerguy 看全部
2020-4-18 06:46:19
No one?  Not even a single admin here?
spikerguy 看全部
2020-4-21 05:41:52
Wow nice dead forum
taimed 看全部
2020-4-21 06:27:31
this forum is like a cemetery, every day hundreds of  dummy accounts get created, without any interaction ...

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