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2020-5-9 15:54:14

  The Orange Pi PC2 has been discontinued as of this time.  But I still like this little board.  The original case I purchased for it was the object of my desires.  I was a bit disapointed when the case broke while assymbling.  I had another case and didn't even try to assymble it due to the super brittle acrylic breaking.  The cases design is such that no screws or hardwear is required to put it together.  Which is a very tricky thing to do and takes a bit more effort in thinking how to make it work.  Well, one day I took a minute to think about how I could use this last case without snapping it into unuseable parts.  So what I did was to heat it up to improve the elasticity of the acrylic.  It worked!  I didn't go through an elaborate ordeal to find the right temp.  But one would assume you would want to bring the temp up in a oven to near the melting point but not to near as to cause damage.  I just used a heat gun and use touch to choose when to stop heating it.  It was heated hot enough to still handle it but bearly. I'm sure there is a temperature out there known to man for working plastic/acrylic.  Maybe I'll look that up some day.   But here is the Opi PC2 in the case and just thought I would share it with anyone interested.  It was purchased from Aliexpress..

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2023-2-21 12:35:14
I was initially thrilled when I purchased an Orange Pi PC2 case, but my joy quickly turned to disappointment when the case broke while I was assembling it. The design of the case is such that it requires no screws or hardware, making it difficult to figure out how to put it together. I had one last case and didn't want to risk snapping it, so I decided to warm it up before attempting to assemble it. This simple hack improved the elasticity of the acrylic and allowed me to successfully assemble the case. seo course in kochi I'm glad I was able to find a workaround, because it would have been a shame to not be able to use this great piece of hardware.
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2023-2-22 10:46:34


zaiyamariyaPublished in 2023-2-20 23:35
I was initially thrilled when I purchased an Orange Pi PC2 case, but my joy quickly turned to disapp ...

really?  how much did it cost?

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