Orange Pi Lite Wi-Fi Driver 看全部

I can using OS only Armbian.. Because Wi-Fi doesnt work with Debian and Ubuntu. Just have Wi-Fi connection on the OPI Lite. I cant update and upgrade Debian and ubuntu because internet connection is notting. I try some offline update end upgrade, was not successful. How can update or upgrade Ubunto or debian for Wi-Fi. Or how can find new Debian or Ubuntu image for OPIU Lite?


> I can using OS only Armbian..

You should be worried about if there were no Armbian. Use it, its much better. ... ments#comment-58689
The Orange Pi Lite board uses a Wi-Fi module based on the Realtek RTL8189FTV chipset contexto. To use Wi-Fi on Orange Pi Lite, you need to install the appropriate driver for this module.

The Wi-Fi functionality on the Orange Pi Lite board is provided by a module that is derived from the Realtek RTL8189FTV chipset.  slope game