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andreav 看全部
2015-7-28 19:54:42
hello guys,

is this fbturbo a module for mainline kernel 4.1.x?

is this going to be open sourced, too?
jeancarlo 看全部
2015-7-31 15:40:41
@loboris can you test fbturbo driver mali by steven
loboris 看全部
2015-7-31 16:14:42


jeancarlo replied at 2015-7-31 08:40
@loboris can you test fbturbo driver mali by steven

When it will be ready for OPI-2 (the only orange I have), I'll test it.

zhao_steven 看全部
2015-8-15 20:17:22
We will send Orange pi plus ,Orange pi plus 2 and Orange pi PC to loboris.
fritz 看全部
2015-8-15 20:39:03
Now you can stop whining.

OrangePi En

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