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loboris 看全部
2015-8-15 21:03:04


fritz replied at 2015-8-15 13:39
Now you can stop whining.

You must be very young man, I'm quite old(er), and I don't appreciate such comments.

fritz 看全部
2015-8-15 21:10:17
do not take it too seriously
KY69 看全部
2015-8-15 21:21:36


zhao_steven replied at 2015-8-15 09:17
We will send Orange pi plus ,Orange pi plus 2 and Orange pi PC to loboris.

Good initiative, congratulations.

zhao_steven 看全部
2015-8-15 21:37:57
@fritz  We can also send you the model you want, and we will promote the progress of Orange Pi community. Thank you very much.
zhao_steven 看全部
2015-8-15 21:39:25
The next week we will release Orange Pi PC with first 10k batch.

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