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quote: fritz replied at 2015-8-15 13:39
Now you can stop whining.

You must be very young man, I'm quite old(er), and I don't appreciate such comments.

  • 17# fritz
  • 2015-8-15 21:10:17
do not take it too seriously
  • 18# KY69
  • 2015-8-15 21:21:36
quote: zhao_steven replied at 2015-8-15 09:17
We will send Orange pi plus ,Orange pi plus 2 and Orange pi PC to loboris.

Good initiative, congratulations.

@fritz  We can also send you the model you want, and we will promote the progress of Orange Pi community. Thank you very much.
The next week we will release Orange Pi PC with first 10k batch.
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