All Oranges, Debian and Ubuntu images, updated 12.1.2019 看全部

Anyone having problems with my build?

How is your max. uptime, what extra hardware are you using ?
I'm running your Debian SD image on Orange pi with a 2GB sd card.
Up time is about 20' with Ethernet an wifi disabled, when I'm using wifi it takes 10' - 15 ' more to take DHCP address
I'm using a one-cell lithium battery, it seems axp209 is not charging battery, i must confirm this.
I upgraded to graphical desktop, very easy with your indications.
Accelerated graphics are not working, there is a easy way to do it?

Thanks for your good work
Awesome work with server and DEbian. Cool.
@igorpec   I have added Debian project for you.

BTW: I made update on both kernels yesterday - check BananaPIpage, haven't build for Orange or others yet:

Kernel 3.4.106 – fixed touchscreen driver for Lemaker LVDS displays, pmp, a20_tp – soc temp sensor, sunxi mem driver, ov5640 camera fix, …
Kernel 3.19.3 – docker support, apple hid, pmp, nfsd, sata peformance fix
Common: console setup fixed, headers bugfix
Build script: kernel build only, custom packets install, hardware accelerated desktop build as option.
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