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Raymond 看全部
2015-4-8 09:27:18
I got a Orange pi Plus. I love to have it run Ubuntu server. I put it on a SD card. But when I put it in the Orange pi Plus it don't even turn on. The light will not turn on and the HDMI is blank.

I did this on my Ubuntu other server to put it on a SD card.

root@ubuntu-i3:/media/64GB_USBstick# ls
gparted.jpeg  Lubuntu_1404_For_OrangePi_v1_0_0.tar.gz  Orangepi_Debian_1.1_wheezy_3.4.106.raw
root@ubuntu-i3:/media/64GB_USBstick# tar -zxvf Lubuntu_1404_For_OrangePi_v1_0_0.tar.gz
root@ubuntu-i3:/media/64GB_USBstick# dd bs=4M if=/media/64GB_USBstick/Lubuntu_1404_For_OrangePi_v1_0_0_.img of=/dev/sdk
875+0 records in
875+0 records out
3670016000 bytes (3.7 GB) copied, 309.012 s, 11.9 MB/s
root@ubuntu-i3:/media/64GB_USBstick# sync

I guess it don't work because this is for a Orange pi not a Orange pi Plus.

Is there any way to get Ubuntu server on it?
igorpec 看全部
2015-4-10 00:12:30
Currently there is no support for Allwinner H3 in Linux kernel, at least not in standard or mainline.

I am waiting for the hardware to arrive @my lab. Zero real experiences with H3 / Orange Pi Plus for now.
zhao_steven 看全部
2015-4-10 07:51:20
@igorpec  we will send orange pi plus and orange pi 2 on April 16.
igorpec 看全部
2015-4-10 14:25:05


zhao_steven replied at 2015-4-10 00:51
@igorpec  we will send orange pi plus and orange pi 2 on April 16.


DigitalToys 看全部
2015-4-12 15:04:10
Excellent work Igor. I used your image to create a Volumio version for the Orange Pi. Debian works  flawlessly as far as I can see. Some minor issues in Volumio, but I don't think they're caused by Debian.

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