All Oranges, Debian and Ubuntu images, updated 12.1.2019 看全部

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[ minimal server with powerful config and installer ]

[ with or without minimal XFCE based desktop ]

H3/H2+ based

H5 based

A64 based

A31 based

A20 based

Fully Preemptible RT kernels

[ Configuration ]
* starting from v5.27
  1. armbian-config

- wireless network connect,
- AP (hotspot) in bridged or NAT mode,
- freeze and unfreeze kernel and BSP upgrades,
- edit boot environment, network, FEX, welcome screen items,
- switching between avaliable kernels and nightly builds,
- enabling read only root filesystem (Ubuntu only),
- set display resolution (H3 boards with legacy kernel),

[ Installation ]
* starting from v5.27
  1. softy

- TV headend (IPTV server)
- Syncthing (personal cloud)
- SoftEther VPN server (VPN server)
- Transmission (torrent server)
- ISPConfig (WEB & MAIL server)
- Openmediavault NAS (NAS server)
- PI hole (ad blocker)
- MiniDLNA (media sharing)

Kernel and image build script

All images are updated ... apt-get update and upgrade from our older images will be ready in less then a day.
Hello Igorpec,

Great work you have done. I'll try your build later on and give you feedback.

Best regards,
It runs like a charm out of the box
  • Floor Andrey
  • 2015-2-4 22:26:53
quote: jefftut replied at 2015-2-4 17:16
It runs like a charm out of the box


Really good job
  • 5# gaara
  • 2015-2-5 01:27:42
I will try, thanks for the job
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