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Doumekxkai 看全部
2015-10-27 23:05:44
I made a python script that creates a web server with an API to get system information from CPU, temp etc...

API routes(<ip>:8000/route):
  • /allinfo – Shows all info
  • /cpuinfo – Shows all information of CPU(Nº cores, arquitecture, etc...)
  • /meminfo – Shwos all RAM info(RAM available, in use, paginated, etc...)
  • /sysinfo – Shows system information(Distro, time, kernel version, etc...)
  • /systemp – Shows temperature of all sensors in the machine.

You can get the script in my gist

sidsingh 看全部
2015-11-13 13:50:32
Thanks. This is useful.
xwalter 看全部
2016-3-4 01:39:50
melanrz 看全部
2016-5-2 17:49:15
very cool,thanks
kanehad12 看全部
2023-6-23 17:42:23
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