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2015-10-31 11:14:42


cyberkni replied at 2015-10-30 20:07
I finally decided to install motion and try it. Its not really the tool I want to use for this dev ...

PLEASE let me know how you make out. I also need my camera to work with mpg-streamer! Thanks.
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2015-10-31 16:51:45


cyberkni replied at 2015-10-30 16:48
Could you elaborate on what you did to get your camera module working? What linux distro are you u ...

So to get the ribbon camera working you have to use the latest image from loboris + update_kernel.sh script from his Mega folder.After update edit your /etc/modules to add vfe_v4l2 and gc2035, reboot and your camera should be on /dev/video0.
About my USB webcam it is a no brainer too: with latest kernel update from loboris all I have to do is to add gspca_zc3xx to aforementioned file. However this driver only works for my old webcam, but loboris just included ALL of them to the kernel. Theoretically, just about ANY usb webcam should work out of the box now.
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2015-10-31 19:58:47
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toxuin replied at 2015-10-31 16:51
So to get the ribbon camera working you have to use the latest image from loboris + update_kernel. ...

OK, in theory all of supported CSI camera modules in sunxi-vfe should work plus any usb camera module if you have drivers for it

In practice there are some bugs in sunxi-vfe which you will have to fix to run some of supported CSI camera modules

This gc2035 module from @zhao_steven works ok, you do not need special tricks. If you have orange pi PC - orange pi Camera Expansion Board (from Steven) is needed because there are missing power supply elements on that board. Pinouts are same on board an module.

There is general issue in sunxi-vfe, it puts camera in stanby mode and some programs can not wake it up properly (v4l2-ctl, ffmpeg), some can (motion, fswebcam). So unfortunately you have limited amount of useful tools unless you write some code by yourself .


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