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matsumo 看全部
2015-10-31 08:50:26
Hello everyone, i am an mechatronics engineer and embedded developer from Sweden. I am on this forum to connect with like minded people and help whenever i can!
adn 看全部
2015-11-4 08:49:11
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Hi from wild wild east (Eastern Europe) matsumo!
Greeting to Sweden, you lucky guy!
Let the Force be with you!

What's your OrangePi?
I think you have something you want to share with us!

Said in other words at least we have some kind of support in this forum
But that's not enough at all. So we need to share even more.

By the way I want to build a cluster (around 16 OPI boards) for some long calculations.
And active cooling is not an option. (It's mandatory)
Right now I'm experiencing some problems with high temperature.
I don't know its working t range and after some threshold the H3 SoC constantly disables at least one core and sets the max freq to 1.2GHz.
After that I'm cooling it down and it's chilled but nothing changes until the next reboot.
I'm reading http://dl.linux-sunxi.org/H3/Allwinner_H3_Datasheet_V1.0.pdf.
Strange but every time I'm connecting through SSH it gives OPI a fever (-: and I'm losing the first core.
Ospree 看全部
2015-11-6 23:56:10
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adn replied at 2015-11-4 08:49
Edited by adn at 2015-11-4 09:12
Hi from wild wild east (Eastern Europe) matsumo!
Greeting to Swe ...

Hello matsumo! Welcome and Have fun!

Hello adn,

How hot does it go? Mine is constantly running hot, around 50 degC, but I have no issue with it, I installed a small heatsink on the CPU. All cores are running and it is all running well. I see the cpu freq. scaling is working fine. Have you managed to enable to build in thermometers?

adn 看全部
2015-11-12 02:00:12
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Chears mate!

Hi Ospree,

With the latest kernel it seems OK.
My OPI-PC is with active cooling at constant (low) RPM (almost without noise, 12V fan is rotating fine supplied with 5V from the board) and heatsink attached with adhesive double sided thermal conductive tape.
I'm waiting for new copper ones.
Kali 2.0 (sana) running XFCE
45C -> under no load
80C -> haevy load
Without heatsink and fan Allwinner's H3 stays at about 65C. (no load, room temperature - 25C, in this test the OPI-PC case is not used)
This kind of SoC's with BGA footprint don't dissipate the heat well. They're not engineered to do it well.

Do you have a clue how can I manage the build-in thermometers?
How can we control the fan speed (e.g. using PWM)?

I'm reading /sys/devices/virtual/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp or /sys/devices/virtual/thermal/thermal_zone1/temp to view the current SoC tempereture.

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