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Hello !

We have some small progress in fighting with sunxi-vfe, so I decided we should create a list of supported and tested camera modules, both CSI and USB.


1. gc2035 - (from Steven Zhao) :
OPI2: works without any hardware modification,
OPI PC: you will need OrangePi Camera Expansion Board due to missing parts on this board which provide power supply to camera module,
OPI+: you tell me ?
OPI version 1 - not tested yet

2. ov5640 - Vvision
OPI2: works but you need to reverse pinouts and patch a bug in sunxi-vfe,
OPI PC: needs OrangePi Camera Expansion Board, reverse pinouts and patch a bug in sunxi-vfe,
OPI+: I do not know...
OPI version 1 - not tested yet

I will comit this patch to @loboris repository on github ASAP.


You tell me ?

Software compatibility :

There is an issue with sunxi-vfe which puts camera module in suspend mode. Some software can not wake it up properly and refuses to work (v4l2-ctl, ffmpeg) but some can and seems to work properly (motion, fswebcam). We are thinking how to fix that.
Please report if you find other software that works.

UPDATE : I think we are able to fix that issue too so ffmpeg and v4l2-ctl and other software will work fine. We are testing it now.

UPDATE2 : We still have some small issues with resolution change in ffmpeg and v4l2-ctl, but I think we will fix that soon

Steven Zhao's Camera Expansion Board for OrangePi PC:

Our Development Camera Pinouts Inverting Adapter for OV5640 :

I will try to find something on aliexpress for people who do not like soldering.

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My camera showed up today - so ... Opi-PC with camera module 1553371, under Fedora 22.  On boot the system doesn't see the module, that I can tell.  lsusb nothing, i2cdetect  0 or 1 says nothing there.  The camera & cable are not keyed so I assume it doesn't matter the direction.  Reading these few threads on the camera it talks about FEX - Oh, just fix fex - I don't have a clue.  Search & Google haven't been any help.  Step by step direction please.

And with that I found ... -linux-with-motion/ and I've got a /dev/video0 that doesn't output anything. I'll keep plugging.
However "motion" is not to be found....

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  • 2015-11-10 00:41:56
quote: janche replied at 2015-11-3 08:51
Where to get that board for CSI camera?

Please ask Steven Zhao on Aliexpress - they will send you one

  • Sofa janche
  • 2015-11-3 08:51:00
quote: OPI PC: you will need OrangePi Camera Expansion Board

Where to get that board for CSI camera?
Give me step by step exact commands and I can test Stevens camera on OPiplus... thanks for the great effort.
  • 5# bronco
  • 2015-11-20 16:54:14
Has anyone of you already used an Omnivision ov5640 together with Orange Pi? And tested real-world scenarios? Especially resolution settings above 800x600? And can confirm that the autofocus bug is fixed?
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