h3control [1.21.461] - http based H3's temperature & frequency control 看全部

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web app is smoothly animated, supports wide range of browsers, including builtin browsers at many-years-old mobile devices.  Also it disables gauges when Orange Pi is down.

Building moved to github: https://github.com/devizer/h3control-bin

Important update: 1.22.542. It fixes wierd rare incomplete initialization of dashboard during loading.
All updates are went to github. please follow link above.

Latest announce - UPDATE 21
- Improoved response of frequency comtrol - gauges are updated immediately in response to click|tap on frequency. Intervals of refresh extended to 10 sec.
- Dashboard is redesigned. All the widgets of dashboard fit on a tablet 1024x768 or above.
- Dashboard in disabled state (when orange pi is down) is also redesigned.
- Added swap utilization column to the list of the top memory usage list
- Added sorting choice for top processes list
- Fixed permissions inside h3control.tar.gz
- Fixed launcher (h3control-console.sh)
- Building moved to github

UPDATE 19 (1.19.386)
- LESS colors, LESS gradients, LESS blur
- Added preliminary top process list

UPDATE 18 (1.18.310)
- In ./h3control-install-daemon.sh script fixed support of Fedora and OpenSUSE.
- Added info about mono and OS into logs.

- Added logging: log are writing into /var/tmp/h3control.logs/, /var/log/h3control.logs/ or /tmp/h3control.logs depending on permissions to that folder. h3control automatically trims own old logs.
- Added optional password protection of changing frequency. Screenshot: h3control_v1.17_readonly_mode.  How Dow do we do it? First, encrypt password:
  1. > ./h3control-console.sh -g=mySecret
  2. 7D018BB3DF0E523692845AF1F27E992CE8A41650
Note, space before command above causes shell to eliminate tha command from the history. By this way clear password will be stored nowhere. Finally, add parameter -p=7D018BB3DF0E523692845AF1F27E992CE8A41650 to h3control-console.sh or /etc/init.d/h3control daemon. For example:
  1. >./h3control-console.sh -p=7D018BB3DF0E523692845AF1F27E992CE8A41650 -b=*:5000
Without -p option behavior is the same as prev version - anybody from white-list, or anybody, could change frequency of an Orange PI

UPDATE 16 (1.16.255)
- Server side redesigned. Samart cache improoved according to best practice recommendations (if-modified-since, etag).
- UI wasn't changed, Ctrl-F5 is still required after upgrade.
- [1.16.256] Cache of js and css was agressively improoved in comparision with 1.16.255
- Added bug: Icons for mobile browsers were lost. Fixed in 1.16.260

UPDATE 15 (1.15.239)
- Added 'Rate Me' and version number on the dashboard. Five Stars are welcome

UPDATE 14 (1.14.225)
- Added Memory Usage (Ctrl-F5). Compatiblity with old IE on Windows XP restored.

- CPU Usage bar was rearranged
- Warning: IE on Windows XP isnt supported since 1.12 Sorry for that. Please use Chrome or Firefox on Windows XP

UPDATE 11 (1.11.180)
- Improved UI perfomance (Ctrl-F5). Owners of old smartphones/tablets should prize this update

UPDATE 10 (1.10.172)
- Added update speed selector: 0.5s, 1s, 2s or 5s

UPDATE 9 (1.9.166)
- Dependencies (jquery, bootstrap) moved from the internet to h3control distribution. So h3control app works without the internet since 1.9.166

UPDATE 8 (1.8.151):
- Added CPU usage bar. (Ctrl-F5)
- Fixed CPU usage bar for old IE (1.8.161)

UPDATE 7 (1.7.116):
- Fixed the vaule of the DDR RANGE
- Added web app icons for mobile & desktop browsers

- Added H3 icon for desktop and mobile browsers

- Added versioning during build. Current version is 1.6.102.  
- Added h3control-install-daemon.sh to the tarball, default deployment path of the daemon is $HOME/bin/h3control
- Improved handling of
  1. /etc/init.d/h3control stop

- Added 60 Mhz choice of a frequency

UPDATE 4: Added command line parameters of http server and ip's white-list configuration:
  1.   -b, --binding=VALUE         HTTP binding, e.g. ip:port, default is *:5000
  2.   -w, --white-list=VALUE      Comma separated IPs, default or empty arg turns restrictions off
  3.   -v, --version               Show version
  4.   -h, -?, --help              Display this help
  5.   -n, --nologo                Hide logo

- Control
CPU frequency

UPDATE 2: Added user defined limits of CPU & DDR frequency

P.S. without registration on the forum, the inlined images are unavailable. here is a link to screenshot: h3control v1.21 screenshot

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  • Sofa Vlad
  • 2015-11-8 10:58:29
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UPDATE: NEW UPDATES ARE PUBLISHED ON GITHUB now. please follow https://github.com/devizer/h3control-bin

Need help on testing h3control on different versions of different linux distribitions.

I made simpe run script. The only prerequisite is a mono

here is the the installer script. First launch h3control in terminal
  1. wget -q -nv -O - https://github.com/devizer/h3control-bin/raw/master/public/h3control.sh | bash
Another installs h3control daemon and launch it
  1. wget -q -nv -O - https://github.com/devizer/h3control-bin/raw/master/public/h3control-install-daemon.sh | bash

looking forward for feedback. I promise to make ease fixes alike spelling in few minutes

P.S. It seems its possible to add gevernot control, as well as to add ddr frequency control. If somebody know a reason.

P.P.S. the h3control daemon installer is included into tarball since version 1.6: h3control-install-daemon.sh

Would it be possible to make Ubuntu/Debian applet to monitor temparatures ?

Similar to what rpi has.
  • Floor Vlad
  • 2015-11-10 14:31:42
quote: hojnikb replied at 2015-11-9 18:58
Would it be possible to make Ubuntu/Debian applet to monitor temparatures ?

Similar to what rpi has ...

Not now. But you can try to do it

Im still looking answers on nessesity of the cpu governor control, ddr governor control and ddr freq control.

As of now, a cpu freq control is enough with default governor.

  • 5# Vlad
  • 2015-11-21 17:16:16
I've tested the app on an old browsers:
IE8 on Windows 7 & Windows XP - all is fine, except of gradients in gauges
Chrome 10 on Windows 7 & Windows XP - all is unconditionally fine