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2021-4-15 00:43:31
I am trying to get tv out working on an older orange pi zero.  I have installed the latest armbian image.  Here is the "lsb_release -a" return:
Distributor ID:  Ubuntu
Description:     Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS
Release:          20.04
Codename:      focal

I am currently operating headless and the login splash screen says "Welcome to Arbian 21.02.3 Focal with Linux 5.10.21-sunxi"

I am trying to use the 13 pin connector.  Pin 2 = ground (shield) and Pin 9 = video signal (center conductor)
I have found forum threads about enabling the tv out including this one.
My current installation does not have a /boot/script.bin file ...
Other forum threads also refer to files that I do not have.

This thread says:
("the OPZ will not use the tvout port, unless you add "tv" on the /etc/modules file")
I tried adding the letters "tv" on the second line of my /etc/modules file but still no output.

Can anyone offer some suggestions?  
Thanks in advance!
aninda 看全部
2023-3-24 19:20:41
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2023-5-20 17:39:00
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2024-6-28 10:10:58
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