Openelec Build for OPI PC and 2 now with HW decoding 看全部

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I had forked Openelec but was having issues jernej was futher along so we swaped to his fork.

This is unofficial and should be usable, however expect bugsFeel free to contribute!
Current Status
  • video is HW decoded
  • direct rendering
  • HW deinterlacing
  • WMV1, WMV2, VP6 and VP9 codecs, although supported by CedarX, are SW decoded (nothing can be done to improve this)
  • taking screenshots doesn't work
  • VSync is commented out, because of big frame drop (needs some code reorganization)
  • used boot time resolution (can be changed via script.bin or kernel parameters)

Images >>> <<<  (heatsink strongly recomended)  

older images!tt1U0BBI!0ZGsqzJxpS_UWZy0moqNDQ

How to get IR working (NEC protocol): ... 7602&fromuid=180012

If you would like to help the basic instructions are:
MOD EDIT: Build instructions were not updated and thus misleading. Please check FAQ thread for latest one.
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  • 2017-2-2 05:33:40

Fourth step : So after the manual editing the patches into the newer librelelec , just play a little more and you gonna scratch your head why he included a original in the sw patch after you pass that your kodi should build so librelec builds hapily futher and makes a images . ... -opione.img.gz?dl=0

So now a little happier that it works

Next step : take the kodi-005-H3-support.patch and begin scratch a little more (psst libstagefright is foetsie )

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  • 2017-2-14 00:40:53
Well, there will be no next version from me, but anyone is free to modify current source as much as he/she likes.
jernej Hi, can you compile new images with corrected? as well as to build the image of the addon pvr.iptvsimple with support for multiple playlists
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  • 2016-7-9 16:01:52
quote: andreq replied at 2016-7-9 03:03
I just got a clean version (git clone) of your repo and I'm not able to make an image out of it.

It ...

Fixed. The problem is that U-Boot package is using git repo which gets rebased for every rc. I wanted to go back to rc tarballs but for some reason folder name inside tarball is not correctly formed, so for now I just updated git version which will work till new rc release.

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  • 2016-6-24 00:08:06
quote: Xer0 replied at 2016-6-23 14:07
anyone tested, if auto frame rate switching works, escpecially 24fps?

Framerate switching should work, if you have HDMI cable connected during Kodi startup (supported resolutions and framerates are checked at that time). Of course, you must enable this in settings first.

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  • 2016-5-31 04:58:21
quote: ParadoxX27 replied at 2016-5-30 02:49
jernej, is it possible to make the system turned on after pressing the power button , not when you c ...

It is. Definetly by changing source code but I think also with script (GPIO command). However, you will have to do it by yourself. I have too much other work currently

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  • 2016-7-21 16:49:54
@jernej: OpenELEC project seems to be dead (they don't push any commits, since May 8, 2016)
Could you try to create fork from LibreELEC (the push commits every day, probably they release  ver 8.0 just after Kodi v17 release)
LibreELEC was forked from OpenELEC after you forked co maybe it will be not so hard ?
quote: jernej replied at 2016-9-6 02:51
For that you have SSH or serial console. Granted, I don't know any in-Kodi plugin which would allo ...

The new Local Code Enforcement girl, has my neighborhood cleaning up, to shame the one family of anarchist renters, that won't clean up their act. It's had me outside more than I really care to be, for simple mold & mildew removal & maybe a little painting, all of which wasn't really needed at this time. Had no time to play, except late evening, when I'm already too tired, to make much sense of things.  
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@jernej  Thanks for your selfless contribution to Orange Pi Community.  We want to donate to you soon. You can send your account to me. Thanks again.
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  • 2016-3-25 00:21:19
quote: cbm80 replied at 2016-3-24 13:14
I always use my OPiPC with USB remote keyboard/trackball so all my tests include USB device connec ...

Point is in connecting input device like mouse or keyboard AFTER boot, at Kodi's home screen. Before that patch, there was noticable lag for about a second or two. Also playing with power button is possible again, but I won't do it.
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  • 2015-11-12 08:00:33
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Hi swordfish6975!

You can check my repository at It's primary target is OrangePi2 but actually it should work on any H3 based Orange board.

It is still work in progress - splash screen is shown on monitor, console works on serial port, except kodi doesn't run. It seems that there is some problem with mali driver:
  1. OpenELEC:~ # /usr/lib/kodi/kodi.bin --standalone -fs
  2. ERROR: Unable to create GUI. Exiting
  3. Illegal instruction

I'm that close to make a working image, so maybe you could help me?

Build command is classic:
  1. PROJECT=OPi2 ARCH=arm make image
After that you have image in target folder. No need for any fixing, just put it on SD card and run,


Edited by swordfish6975 at 2015-11-16 08:20

Hey Jernej,

I was able to build the image using your git repo.

It boots on my Orange PI PC !

In the limited time i had to test it on the weekend, it seemed ok though:   
Ethernet: not working
USB port: 1/3  work.
(this also happens with desktop images unless the correct script.bin is used)

I didn't get a chance to try to play any video, need to find a USB hub and put video file on USB stick.

Will try tonight.

Strangely enough if you go in to the KODI system settings it lags very hard.
hey Jernej,

How would I check the video is actually using video decoding?  (I get ~7200 BogoMips in kodi settings and can play a 720p x265 file)   
seems to say all these modules are required
  1. # load modules for current session
  2. modprobe ump
  3. modprobe mali
  4. modprobe drm
  5. modprobe mali_drm

  1. OpenELECOrange:/ # lsmod
  2. Module                  Size  Used by
  3. 8189es                883644  0
  4. cfg80211              182729  1 8189es
  5. mali                  226279  5
  6. ump                    46906  1 mali

also attached some logs

oh and

Ethernet: working
USB port: 1/3  work.

Spent a lot of time trying to get the sound working with no success.
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  • 15# jernej
  • 2015-11-17 01:09:52
Glad to hear that it's working for you too!

Please don't mix GPU and VPU (Video Processing Unit). Read this article: ... ation-the-vpu-does/

CedarX is H3's VPU library, which is not yet supported in my OpenELEC distribution. As a matter of fact, there is no official CedarX support in kodi. Once when I will commit support for it, you will know

Can you tell me more about this USB issue? Maybe I can prepare unified script.bin for both boards. If that won't work, I can post few instruction how to override my script.bin without rebuilding the whole image.

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