Video recorder based on Orange Pi Zero 看全部

Edited by Oleksandr at 2021-4-30 05:37


A few days ago I created a video recorder based on Orange Pi Zero + Orange Pi NAS + HDD 2TB + Armbian. It does record from 4 IP-cameras in Full HD.

System load:   10-15%
CPU temp:      35-55°C

I use FFMPEG for record video and NGINX for watch video archives from TV/computer/phone.

I'm very happy, everything works well. I made a video how I was making that. But sorry the video with ukrainian language only lol (voice), but everything else on the video with english
Why would you even want to create a video recorder based on Orange Pi Zero? That just makes no sense at all. It's much better to integrate the same with aerial photography, no? That just makes a lot more sense in my opinion.
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