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pixelcade 看全部
2021-4-30 14:36:32
I'm able to use the GPIO on an Orange Pi Zero 2 with a connected push button to trigger a shutdown -now command. Am wondering though if the Orange Pi Zero 2 supports ACPI such that this push button can also turn on the Orange Pi Zero 2 when pressed. If so, any guidance /sample code would be much appreicated. thanks much.


jimbo123 看全部
2023-1-5 21:35:04
Very new to the Orange Pi,.. have only recently started to play with an Orange Pi Zero 2, am running Ubuntu on it.

I'd like to connect a button to a GPIO port/pin and have ACPI initiate a shutdown from a button press.

@pixelcade, are you able to share details on how you implemented your shutdown on the Orange Pi?

Or is anyone else able to provide any guidance to this?

Thanks in advance,


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