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2015-11-6 04:00:48
Edited by Fourdee at 2016-5-9 12:32

Lightweight justice for your Orange Pi

Available images:
  • Orange Pi PC: Download (DietPi.com)
  • Orange Pi 2: TBA (read notes below)
  • Orange Pi Plus: TBA (read notes below)

  • For more information regarding DietPi in general: http://dietpi.com
  • DietPi for Orange Pi PC is built with ARMbian build tools.

  • The current DietPi image is for Orange Pi PC (OPI-PC).  Orange Pi (Plus / 2) are untested and would require you to overwrite script.bin from /boot/bin/, before booting.
  • WiFi is untested.
  • Kodi has been disabled in dietpi-software (Lack of GPU driver for H3 that supports hardware acceleration).
  • dietpi-config > display options > resolution. Only supports OPI-PC, dont use this if your not running the OPI-PC board.
  • I will continue to add features and bug fixes for this image, using the DietPi-Update system which supports online patching.

Please report bugs using dietpi-bugreport and create a Git issue ticket:

Download DietPi and Setup Guides:

DietPi's complete list of optional, optimized and "ready to run" software:

Created by Dan Knight (Fourdee)

Sourcecode (Github)

Follow us on Twitter:
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Donations / Support DietPi:
DietPi is a free product and relies solely on your donations for funding. If you found DietPi useful and want to support future development, please donate.

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blindpet 看全部
2015-11-6 04:58:47
Whose debian base are you using for this image? Is it the loboris image?
Fourdee 看全部
2015-11-6 06:58:39
Yep, its under notes. loboris has created excellent images.
Fourdee 看全部
2015-11-7 01:03:19
Edited by Fourdee at 2015-11-7 01:05

This will be available and patched with v100 update.

Fourdee 看全部
2015-11-8 04:00:31
v100 Released!

Its our 100th release/update for DietPi. What a journey its been and still going strong! Thank you to everyone who uses DietPi and all your support!


New Image:
- DietPi for Orange Pi PC is now available!

New Features
- DietPi-Cleaner: Remove unwanted Junk from your system and free up filesystem space. Think CCleaner for DietPi.

- OpenVPN server is now available in DietPi-Software as a DietPi optimized installation!

Vast amounts of improvements and bug fixes

Follow us on Twitter:
Get the latest news, updates and releases.

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